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A lot has happened in the last few years…

  • A pandemic that caused schools to close down nationwide
  • A mix of in person, hybrid, and remote learning
  • Synchronous and asynchronous instruction

We just went through the largest disruption to education in history. The pandemic widened achievement gaps.

It’s crazy to think that kids currently in 3rd and 4th grade probably missed a huge chunk of reading instruction, specifically in the foundational skills, because they were 1st and 2nd graders when the pandemic started. Those years are the most important for laying the foundation for learning to read.

Students that have been most affected are those who were already behind their classmates before the pandemic.

Add to the mix that you may have brought on board new teachers since you started using the Phonics Mastery Guides™.

Fast forward to today and the learning loss is huge, but teachers also have to continue to teach students the grade level standards.

There are a lot of moving parts required to close students’ reading gaps.

Because of all these moving parts, I have put together something that is guaranteed to help your teachers and students.

The Real Triple-Threat

Phonics Mastery Guides™ Triple Threat

I began implementing the Mastery Guides in my 4th grade urban classroom where the majority of my students were reading below grade level. I started using the Mastery Guides with 5 of my students who were reading on a 2nd-grade level; four short months later and the guides have them reading 4th grade proficient!

These guides provide me the tools I need to proactively begin each school year with the relief of knowing every single student will leave my classroom reading on grade level, which has always been my goal. I know I can make that happen and it is truly exciting!

My struggles and frustration to help find answers for the majority of my below-grade level students are finally over!


4th Grade Teacher, Ohio

The Phonics Mastery Guides™ School Bundle

A power packed resource bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to closing your student’s reading gaps in the foundational skills.

What’s included


10 Physical Copies of the NEW AND IMPROVED Phonics Mastery Guides™

Success starts with the updated Phonics Mastery Guides™! A very robust sight word section and process for teaching sight words has been added to the guides, as well as additional lessons to guarantee mastery of each of the sound spelling patterns. PLUS, for the first time ever, the Phonics Mastery Guides™ are in print!


Material will ship 7/31

Come away with

  • Ready to use, no prep lessons and the confidence knowing you are on the right path with your instruction. Not to mention the time you will get back because you won’t be lesson planning.


10 Physical Sets of Sound Spelling Cards

Turbocharge your instruction with the perfect companion to Phonics Mastery Guides™ with these 43 Sound Spelling Cards that are now available in physical form.

Come away with

  • Tools that can be used to help your students learn sound spellings.


Ready to Use Scope and Sequence

Your shortcut to working smarter, not harder. This scope and sequence not only ensures you are teaching exactly what needs to be taught, but also makes sure you are getting everything taught during the school year.

Come away with

  • More time since all the planning has been done for you. You will have peace of mind knowing your instruction is laid out and follows a systematic scope and sequence.


Success Path

Simplify the process for planning how to meet the needs of all your students. This Success Path is your guide for student placement, whether you are using the Phonics Mastery Guides™ for whole group or small group instruction.

Come away with

  • A done for you plan for how to meet the needs of all students, leaving more time to actually teach!


10 Physical Sets of Routine Cards

12 step-by-step, straight forward routine cards aligned to each section of the Phonics Mastery Guides™.

Come away with

  • Peace of mind knowing teachers and substitutes have access to routines for teaching the lessons in the Phonics Mastery Guides™.


Ready to Use Assessment

Access to assessments aligned to the lessons helping you target reading skills and gaps as well as determine if students are on track for success.

Come away with

  • Knowledge of what adjustments need to be made immediately to start seeing results.


Routines Video Library for Each Section of the Phonics Mastery Guides™

Everything you need in one library. This library contains a video modeling each section of the Phonics Mastery Guides™. This library can be used to train new teachers or used as a refresh at the beginning of each school year.

Come away with

  • The knowledge of exactly how to teach the Phonics Mastery Guides™.


Ready to Use Checklist for the Phonics Mastery Guides™

The perfect companion to supporting instruction. These checklist support teachers in making sure all components are being covered.

Come away with

  • Confidence knowing you are on the right path with your instruction.


Personal Consulting
  • (1) 1-on-1 60 minute LIVE virtual kickoff
  • (1) 60 minute LIVE virtual Q&A session

Come away with

  • The support you need to get started with the Phonics Mastery Guides™ through training and Q&A.

The Mastery Guides paved the way for 76% of my students to achieve one year’s growth after only several months of use!

With 17 years of 1st and 2nd grade teaching experience, while working with a large number of ESL students, it was so difficult to find the time and a quality resource to help my struggling readers, until now!

Moving forward, I plan to use the Mastery Guides for remediation and can't wait to see what results I get after using the guides for a full year.


2nd Grade Teacher, Texas

The Phonics Mastery Guides™ School Bundle

  • 10 physical copies of the UPDATED Phonics Mastery Guides
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Success Path
  • Ready to use assessment
  • Access to a video routine library
  • 10 physical sets of the BRAND NEW Routine Cards
  • 10 physical sets of the UPDATED 43 Sound Spelling cards
  • Observation checklist
  • 2 hours of personal consulting
School License


Until 5/31/23

I am so excited for the upcoming school year as the structured Mastery Guides give me a simple and effective outline and plan to follow. It’s all done for me and I am ready to go!

Before I started using the Mastery Guides, I had 4 students reading roughly 20 wcpm and after just a few months using the guides, I had students reading 61, 80 and 90 wcpm! The assessments accompanying the Mastery Guides even helped one of my students qualify for Special Education.

I’ve spent the previous 5 years scrambling to find and assemble random materials to help my struggling readers, but no longer!


3rd Grade Teacher, Utah

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My confidence in teaching reading has skyrocketed. I feel like I finally know where to start with my students and that I can make a real difference!

I teach in an inner city, high poverty school district in Indiana. Before I discovered Lori and her Mastery Guides, I felt like a fish out of water as a teacher, constantly trying new things. It became very confusing with all of the information out there about teaching reading; I didn't know what to choose to teach my students. I was tired of floundering, so I decided to take a leap of faith and jump in to using the Mastery Guides.

Within the first week and a half of using the Mastery Guides, a spark went off with my students. They began to look forward to our lessons and were, for the first time, interested in reading! One of my students went from reading 54 wcpm to 124 wcpm in 4 short months. I also have a student who is a selective mute who not only went from reading 31 wcpm to 65 wcpm, but also improved his accuracy. He is so excited and proud of himself!

The Mastery Guides couldn’t be easier. You just assess your students to determine their phonics gaps, grab the guide they need and begin to teach!


2nd Grade Teacher, Indiana